Our whitepaper, “Effectively Culturing Anaerobic Bacteria” explains why microbiologists are adopting this innovative technology in their laboratories.

  • The Advanced Anoxomat Mark II is an automated microprocessor-controlled system for the cultivation of anaerobic, microaerophilic, hypoxic, and capnophilic bacteria. The Anoxomat can create exact, repeatable conditions with gas mixtures that will always be within 0.5% of the required value. This precise, technologically advanced system produces fast results and reduced frustrations caused by cultivation failures.
  • The system is fits easily into today’s space-crunched laboratories, with a small footprint no larger than a desktop printer, and connects to as many as four of Anoxomat’s anaerobic jars. With its high precision and ensured reproducibility, the Advanced Anoxomat enables microbiologists to draw accurate, confident conclusions.’

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