Palladox Disposable Sachet

The new single use Palladox disposable sachet is designed specifically to work with the Anoxomat System. The easy-to-use, single-use catalyst will simplify your anaerobic sample testing by minimizing catalyst handling time. Like the previous model catalyst, the Palladox sachet reduces the oxygen in the jar in minutes and maintains an anaerobic environment for the duration of incubation. This product is the perfect solution to improve workflow efficiency, eliminate downtime and simplify anaerobic testing.

The one-time use sachet can be used for the duration of one incubation. Lab techs can process jars faster with less disruptions to their daily work, saving up to 2 hours of wait time associated with reheating the existing catalyst. For lab managers looking to streamline their lab techs’ daily workload, the single-use sachet will eliminate the need for a dry oven. And to better streamline your inventory management and ordering process, the Palladox disposable sachets are compatible with all jar sizes, has a one year shelf-life, and requires only one part number to be ordered.


You no longer need to reheat the catalyst

Saving lab techs valuable wait time.

Simplify workflow

Eliminates guesswork on catalyst activity and expedites sample processing.

Save Time

No need to re-heat the catalyst, cutting process and wait time by up to 2 hours.

Optimize workflow

Lab techs now have fewer steps when processing anaerobic samples.

Easy to use

No regeneration means no oven needed.

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AN3146 Palladox™ disposable sachet, compatible with all jar sizes


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