OsmoTECH® PRO Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer

Product Type: Osmometers

Introducing our newest osmometer in our growing biotech focused portfolio. Designed specifically to fit your bioprocess needs, the OsmoTECH PRO delivers the highest level of data management, accuracy and precision, and ease-of-use available on the market today. The OsmoTECH PRO provides valuable concentration measurements while delivering unsurpassed data management capabilities, operational efficiency, ease of use, and features that support GMP, 21 CFR Part 11, and EU Annex 11 compliance. With its highly configurable settings, unparalleled operational efficiency, and robust data integrity features the OsmoTECH PRO can evolve with any of the changing needs of your organization. OsmoTECH PRO uses the proven freezing-point technology.

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Effortlessly run multiple samples

Its 20 position turntable allows for walkaway testing.

Intuitive Touch-screen Interface

The menu-driven operating system, multi-language capability and touchscreen graphic interface all make for easy operation.

Small sample requirement

Just a 30 μL sample volume is needed for sample-limited applications.

Industry leading accuracy and precision

OsmoTECH PRO utilizes the Gold-standard testing method, freezing point depression to accurately and precisely determine osmolality.

Maintain traceability

The integrated barcode scanner helps with sample identification and reduces transcription errors.

Preserve your audit trail

Complete time-stamped record of usage, role, and actions requiring reason for settings changes. Unique ability to add comments to test results via the handy comments field.

Protect your data

Active Directory/LDAP options minimize manual input and the risk of errors, automatic or manual backups, 3 levels of user access, automatic logout timer keeps your data safe during idling – plus unlimited results and events storage

Easily integrate data management into your established workflow

Quickly save data to network database or USB or the embedded Web server and eliminate the need to manually manage date and time by synchronizing with network time.

Export data with ease

Do this in several ways including Open Protocol Communication (OPC), USB download, Network share, IS (TCP/IP communication), and an Optional DOT-MATRIX PRINTER.

OsmoTECH PRO is not for patient diagnostic use. Advanced Instruments certifies that the technical features needed for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance are built into OsmoTECH PRO. It is your responsibility to implement the necessary controls in your laboratory to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements

Products & Supplies

Available Models


Osmometer Calibration Standards and Reference Solutions

SK-TECHPRO Convenience Kit (Includes: 3MA029, 3MA005, 3MA085, 3MA200, 3LA028, 222825, 222840, 202850, 240821)
3MA029 Clinitrol 290 Reference Solution, 10x2 mL Ampules View
3MA005 50 mOsm Calibration Standard, 10x2 mL View
3MA085 850 mOsm Calibration Standard, 10x2 mL View
3MA200 2000mOsm Calibration Standard, 10x2 mL Ampules View
3LA028 Osmolality Linearity Set 100-2,000 mOsm 5x2x5 mL View

Supplies and Accessories

222825 Disposable sample tubes
222840 Probe wiper rings
202850 Swab Cleaner Kit
240821 Sampler Tips, 50/pkg


135022 Epson Dot Matrix Printer (sold-separately)
AN2TP5 Dot Matrix Printer Paper


Brochure, OsmoTECH PRODownload (PDF)

Workflow Graphic

Testing osmolality is an essential parameter for process control and QC – just one of the many complex operational steps in biopharma manufacturing dedicated to producing a product of predetermined yield, purity and quality.

  • Guarantee quality, potency and consistency during media development and raw material management.
  • Monitor cell culture and fermentation to ensure optimal cell health, and consequently, high product quality and yield.

Ensure precise buffer preparation and prove complete buffer exchange to improve purification efficiency.

Safeguard your biologics as it passes through storage, reconstitution and injection.

Ensure that the final product meets your quality standards and release criteria.