GloCyte Low & High Level Controls

Markets: Clinical
Product Type: Standards & Controls

The GloCyte Low and High Level Controls are assayed hematology controls designed to monitor the performance of the GloCyte Automated Cell Counter for CSF. The GloCyte Controls contain fixed leukocytes and erythrocytes in a CSF-like matrix.


Convenient & Easy-to-use

• Controls are liquid and ready-to-use.

• 3 mL in each vial; enough for 100 tests.

• Closed vials are stable for 7 months at 2-8°C reducing the frequency and hassle of ordering new controls.

Designed Specifically for GloCyte

• Controls are formulated specifically for GloCyte at low and high ranges of total nucleated cells and red blood cells.

Products & Supplies

GloCyte Accessories and Supplies

111013 Low and High Level Controls (1 vial of each level, 3 mL each)