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You’ve never seen anything like this!

GloCyte is an automated cell counter that delivers accurate and precise total nucleated cell and red blood cell results. Using a novel combination of fluorescence technology, highly specific reagents, and an intelligent counting algorithm, GloCyte can handle all of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) specimens that enter your laboratory. It provides accurate cell counts at clinically relevant low levels and reduces valuable time spent counting those more difficult specimens.

Count on GloCyte because we know a lot is riding on the results.

If inquiring about the GloCyte from North America, South America, or Canada, please visit our exclusive distributor’s website: Sysmex America, Inc

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From everywhere else in the world:

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Timely results you can count on

  • GloCyte puts your mind at ease by calculating TNC and RBC results for you in cells/µL.
  • Quick assay procedure generates results with only 30 µL of sample per test.
  • No mandatory background checks are required between samples.

Productivity you can count on

  • GloCyte uses disposable test cartridges, so there is no carryover between samples and infectious specimens can be processed without worry.
  • No more headaches from routine maintenance because GloCyte has no moving parts.
  • The proficiency assessment tool confirms new users will obtain results with confidence.
  • Test cartridges can be manually marked for keeping track of sample analysis.
  • The analyzer’s small footprint makes the most of every inch of valuable lab space.

Simplicity you can count on

  • GloCyte is easy to operate with everything you need on one screen.
  • When dilution is necessary, software guidance leads you through the quickest way to get to the result.
  • Interactive software makes troubleshooting easy.
  • Customizable field entries provide consistency with terminology currently used in your laboratory.

Data management you can count on

  • Simple search functions make it easy to quickly retrieve results.
  • Quality control features include Levey-Jennings charts, password protection, and an audit table. You can also flag aberrant control results and expired materials.
  • GloCyte software interfaces with LIS and data is easily exported for statistical analysis.
  • Comprehensive patient reports can be printed effortlessly.

Products & Supplies

GloCyte Accessories and Supplies

GLOCYTE GloCyte Instrument, Computer, Vacuum Station, Barcode Reader, Sample Preparation Tray, Pipettes, and Startup Kit
111010 Test Cartridges (200 pieces)
111011 RBC Reagent (3 vials, 1.8 mL each)
111012 TNC Reagent (3 vials, 1.8 mL each)
111013 Low and High Level Controls (1 vial of each level, 3 mL each)
111076 Vacuum Station
111164 Sample Preparation Tray
800097 Pipette Tips (960 pieces)
802024 Vacuum Station O-Ring
806053 10 µL Fixed Volume Pipette
806054 30 µL Fixed Volume Pipette


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