Dairy Analysis

Leveraging on our expertise in the dairy analysis industry, Advanced Instruments offer the best solutions for ensuring the quality of dairy products. From the rapid confirmation of pasteurization with our Fluorophos ALP assay to the early detection of milk alteration with our cryoscope, laboratories in this space are fully covered. We also prove our commitment by providing milk preservative options to keep your dairy products healthy until they make it to the shelves.

Food Safety

Advanced Instruments recognizes the vital role that food safety testing plays in protecting the health of consumers. Our Anoxomat III provides a fast way to create appropriate and uncompromised environments for bacteria to grow in food products. Microbiology labs can harness its automated technology to culture anaerobic and microaerophilic bacteria such as clostridium and campylobacter.

Osmometers for Food & Beverage

Osmolality influences the digestion, utility, and effectiveness of food and beverage products and is a critical measure of product quality. Advanced instruments, the innovation leader in osmolality testing, offers technology that can be used during the formulation and development stages to ensure consistent product quality and optimal absorption of the nutrients in your products.