FLM300 Fluorophos ALP Test System

Advanced Instruments Fluorophos® ALP Test System, for Determination of Pasteurization in Milk. The Fluorophos system is the most sensitive, fast and reliable test for confirmation of pasteurization.

The Fluorophos ALP assay is a rapid test for verifying proper pasteurization of dairy products. Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP), found naturally in raw milk, is destroyed at temperatures slightly above the temperature necessary to destroy microorganisms pathogenic to humans. Measurement of residual phosphatase after pasteurization offers a means of verifying the products are heated to the proper temperatures and are not contaminated with raw milk. The Fluorophos ALP assay measures the ALP activity in dairy products, allowing the user to monitor the completeness of pasteurization and detect raw milk contamination.

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Fast & Accurate Results

Test results automatically appear in approximately 3 minutes

Sample Capacity

Single sample test system


The most sensitive test for pasteurization on the market. Detects to 0.003% raw milk contamination.


Can be used to test pasteurization of cow, goat, sheep and other species of milk

Globally proven

The Fluorophos ALP Test is the standard ISO/IDF method. (ISO11816-1:IDF 155-1 and ISO11816-2:IDF 155-2) It is also the standard for confirming proper pasteurization for the NCIMS/FDA, AOAC, IMS, and CEN.

Reduced Production liability

The Fluorophos ALP Test detects ultra-low levels of raw milk contamination

Products & Supplies

Available Models

FLM300 Fluorophos Test System


SK-FLM300 Convenience Kit (Includes: FLA880, ACM205, FLA840, FLA835)
ACM205 Pipette Tips for FLA888, 2 mL- 25 pack
FLA835 Thermal Printer Paper
FLA840 Cleaners for Cuvette Holder
FLA865 25 µl Pipette
FLA880 Pipette Tips, 25- 75 µl
FLA888 2 mL Air Displacement Pipette

ALP Pasteurization Testing Controls

FLMA02 Reagent Kit (Includes: FLA224, FLA250, FLA260, FLA020)
FLA005 Fluorophos Cheese Buffer View
FLA224 ALP 225-Test Kit/No Cuvettes View
FLA225 ALP 225-Test Kit/With Cuvettes View
FLA250 ALP Three Calibrator Set View
FLA260 Phosphacheck Milk ALP Controls View
FLA280 ALP Daily Instrument Control View


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