Ergonomic Jars

Our ergonomic anaerobic jars provide flexibility and ease-of-use for laboratory technicians while maximizing incubator and laboratory space. All Anoxomat jars are built to meet the highest microbiological and mechanical standards and minimize the risk of oxygen leaks. They’re available in a variety of sizes, in new ergonomic options.



Nested stacking, enabling more jars to fit easily into incubators

Lid System

Unique lid clamp-on system creates a secure seal with a simple click

Lid Coupling

Recessed, snap-shut lid coupling easily connects to gas supply

Grip Handle

Fold-down grip handle for safe, easy transport


Lightweight construction and compact design

Products & Supplies


AJ9049 Holds two stacks of 6 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
AJ9050 Holds two stacks of 12 Petri dishes, 9-10cm dia.

Petri Dish Holders

PH 1040 Holds 12 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
PH 1060 Holds 6 Petri dishes, 9-10 cm dia.
TH0000 For use with AJ9023, holds 14 (16mm tubes)

Anoxomat Accessories & Supplies

AN3146 Palladox™ disposable sachet, compatible with all jar sizes