Advanced Instruments, with over 60 years of experience, is an early pioneer in the field of osmometry. During that time, we have become a trusted, valuable reference in the science of osmolality testing. We would like to share with you our collective experience with these reference materials in the hopes of further educating you on the benefits of freezing point technology.

The Physical Chemistry, Theory and Techniques of Freezing Point Determinations
This 16-page publication provides an overview of the fundamentals of the physical chemistry of solutions, useful conversion calculations, as well as freezing point theory and technique. This publication is useful for anyone operating osmometry equipment or using osmolality as a diagnostic tool. Courtesy of Advanced Instruments, Inc.
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Osmometry Revisited: A Practical Guide to Its Clinical Use
This 20-page pamphlet provides a practical synopsis of the clinical uses of osmometry. It includes a useful introduction to the subject as well as summaries regarding osmolality for blood, urine, and related applications. David H. Lobdell PhD
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Evaluation of Infant Rehydration Solutions
This 8-page research pamphlet provides information and suggestions in the diagnosis and treatment of infant dehydration. James Wesley M.S. Forensic Chemist, Clinical Toxicologist, Rochester, NY
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Sports Hydration: ’07
Originally presented as Endurance Sports, Rehydration, Cerebral Edema and Death at NEAFS (Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists) Annual Meeting, Rye Brook NY, November 2, 2006 James Wesley M.S. Forensic Chemist, Clinical Toxicologist, Rochester, NY
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Using Osmometry: For Water-Electrolyte Balance Experiments in the Instructional Laboratory
This 14-page paper describes a number of laboratory exercises used to instruct students on principles and uses of osmometry. Includes a demonstration experiment complete with water balance calculations designed to lead the student through logical development of the volume and osmolar changes following ingestion of an osmotic load. Allen C. Norton, PhD, University of Southern California
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Osmometry: The Rational Basis for Use of an Underappreciated Diagnostic Tool
A valuable clinical reference guide providing an overview of Osmometry including several case studies and an evaluation of the importance of stat osmometry in modern-day diagnostic medical applications. Robert Dufour, M.D.
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Water Metabolism: Made easier
This 10-page paper discusses how physicians can better diagnose and treat disorders of hyponatremia, hypernatremia, and water diuresis, by learning and understanding the basic principles of normal water metabolism and solute balance health. The paper also includes hyponatremia case studies. Paul G. Welch M.D. Chief of Nephrology Service, Walter Reed Army Medical Service
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The science of osmometry is ever expanding since 1) Osmolality is a fundamental scientific measurement and 2) The scope of technological innovation is increasing exponentially. If you have the need to determine osmolality for any application, Advanced Instruments would love the opportunity to provide you with applications support. Simply click here to provide us with your application request for support.