Bronolab Liquid

Product Type: Milk Preservatives

Bronolab W-II is a liquid preservative solution containing 18% Bronopol. It is used by laboratories that prefer the convenience a liquid preservative provides for short-term preservation of milk samples analyzed on infrared instruments. Milk samples preserved with Bronopol must be adequately refrigerated during transportation and storage.

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Inhibits the growth of bacteria, provides extended shelf life, and reduces lipolysis in milk samples

Easy to Use

One drop of Bronolab provides adequate preservation of a 40mL sample and is instantly soluble

Safe to Use

Non-irritating to skin, non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic


Specially formulated to minimize interference with Infrared test results using normal laboratory techniques on traditional components

Long lasting

1 (one) liter of Bronolab is enough to preserve approximately 24,000 individual 40mL milk samples

Products & Supplies


822 Bronolab W-II Liquid Preservative, 1 L Bottle
953 Broad Spectrum Microtabs-II, 800 tablets/dispenser
954 Broad Spectrum Microtabs-II, 35,000 tablets/tub


The Effect of Bronopol on the Freezing Point and Impedance of Milk SamplesDownload (pdf)