Broad Spectrum MicroTabs

Product Type: Milk Preservatives

Broad Spectrum Microtabs II (BSM) is a tablet preservative containing a combination of Bronopol and Natamycin which prevents bacteria and yeast and mold. It is used to preserve milk samples, which will be analyzed on infrared instruments. It is an ideal preservative solution for longer-term preservation of milk samples when a short sample analysis turnaround time and refrigerated storage conditions cannot be guaranteed. It is available in convenient dispenser packs containing 800 tablets and also in bulk tubs containing 35,000 tablets.

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18 mg tablet contains 8 mg Bronopol and 0.30 mg Natamycin inhibits BOTH bacteria and yeast & mold, provides extended shelf, and reduces lipolysis in milk samples


BSM tablets dissolve quickly in the milk sample. For added convenience BSM is available in either a tablet dispenser or a bulk tub container.


Specially formulated to minimize interference with Infrared test results using normal laboratory techniques on traditional components

Long lasting

BSM has a 4 year shelf life and 1 tablet is enough to preserve a 20-40mL milk sample. Samples preserved with BSM can be held at room temperature (22-25ºC) for at least 14 days without sample degradation.

Safe to Use

Dispenser eliminates direct handling of product; Non-irritating to skin, non-carcinogenic and non-mutagenic

Products & Supplies


822 Bronolab W-II Liquid Preservative, 1 L Bottle
953 Broad Spectrum Microtabs-II, 800 tablets/dispenser
954 Broad Spectrum Microtabs-II, 35,000 tablets/tub


The Effect of Bronopol on the Freezing Point and Impedance of Milk SamplesDownload (pdf)