Advanced Instruments and I&L Biosystems Partner

March 12, 2019 • News


NORWOOD, Mass. – March 12, 2019 – Advanced Instruments, LLC—announced that I&L BioSystems GmbH—a leading distributor of biotechnology, cell biology, and microbiology products—is now the exclusive distributor in non-clinical markets for its portfolio of osmometers in Germany, its Anoxomat® jar system for bacterial cultivation and its portfolio of dairy products in Germany and Austria. They will also distribute osmometers in non-clinical markets in Austria. These technologies provide key solutions to ensure quality and support efficiency.

“I&L BioSystems is a world class distributor and we’re excited to develop our partnership as it aligns with our growth objectives in two of our key markets,” says Byron Selman, President and CEO of Advanced Instruments. “Our biotech products help produce high-quality, life saving medicinal therapeutics. Our microbiology products help laboratories improve the quality of bacterial growth and optimize workflows in microbiology labs,” Selman adds. Germany is an important market; it is the home to top biological drug development and manufacturing sites.

Advanced Instruments has a world-class portfolio of single- and multi-sample osmometers designed to ensure quality and process control of biological and injectable drugs throughout development and manufacturing. Osmolality is a critical quality attribute which helps ensure process quality by design. Similarly, the Anoxomat system is a solution for microbiology labs looking to improve on the quality of bacterial growth and optimize workflow.

I&L Biosystems offers a broad range of biotechnology and microbiology products to its customers. The company also staffs experts who provide scientific consulting to ensure customers get the best solutions and excellent implementation plans and customer service. I&L’s strong leadership and deep scientific engagement will help accelerate Advanced Instruments’ growth in the biotech and food & beverage markets.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Advanced Instruments,” says Alexander Beljaars,” CEO of I&L Biosystems. The company is well-respected in the clinical diagnostic, biotech, and dairy analysis markets. Their best-in-class osmometers, Anoxomat jar system, and dairy and milk analysis equipment enable us to offer critical and innovative solutions to our biotech and food and beverage customers,” he adds.

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Advanced Instruments is a global provider of scientific and analytical instruments for the clinical, biotechnology, and food-and-beverage industries. Since 1955, the company’s innovations have helped organizations improve quality of results, achieve reliable outcomes, and increase workplace productivity. Advanced Instruments has a diverse portfolio of products, including: freezing-point osmometers, cerebrospinal fluid cell counters, anaerobic jar systems, cryoscopes, pasteurization test systems, and testing standards and controls. For more information, visit

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Founded in 1991, I&L BioSystems offers high-end life science products throughout Europe to customers and researchers in the microbiology, cell biology and biotechnology markets in Germany and other European countries. The company offers both evidence-based scientific and professional technical services, which allows it to provide customers with the best possible support from initial contact throughout installation and beyond. For more information,

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